Robobrawl 30lb robot


  • Step 1

    Begin registrartion by filling out the form below

  • Step 2

    Wait for a follow-up email regarding your registrartion status. If approved in the first wave September 12th, detailed payment instructions will be included. If on the waitlist, reasons will be specified (e.g., full bracket, or before October 2nd your team is not an approved first wave competitor).

  • Note

    Approved registrants will be expected to pay the $50 registrartion fee through PayPal (account details will be specified in the follow-up email) and a seperate $75 safety deposit at competition check-in in the form of a check . Please add the payment format (listed below) to your PayPal payment note section and on the envelope of your secuirty deposit check. Once your PayPal payment has been recieved you'll get a confirmation email. If you're PayPal payment has been proccessed succsesfully and you haven't recieved a confirmation email, please email us immediately


  • Note

    Your team will be expected to have the $75 safety deposit check and enevelope with your information following the payment format ready by comeptition check-in date. If nothing is damaged by the check-out time, your team will be presented with the check. Otherwise, we will keep the check and cash it in.

  • Step 1

    Make the check payable to “David Parker” (Robobrawl Coordinator)

  • Step 2

    Write 3/31/2023 on the date line

  • Step 3

    Write $75.00 for the amount and Seventy-five for the written amount

  • Step 4

    Write the bank holder’s name on the name line

  • Step 5

    Write your information on the check's envelope following the payment format


  • Note

    Include all of the following information in your PayPal payment note section and the envelope containing your secuirty deposit check

  • Format

    1. Team Name

    2. Primary Source of Contact (Include Name and Phone Number)

    3. School Name (if affiliated)

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