Robobrawl 2022

Event Information

The Robobrawl 2022 competition is held on April 8 & 9 at Graziano Plaza between Engineering Hall and Everitt Laboratory (Google Maps) starting at 9:30am both days and ending around 4pm. Everyone is more than welcome to stop by and cheer on our competitors!

The competition consists of 19 30-pound combat robots fighting one-on-one matches in a double elimination bracket with the goal of destroying the opponent bot. Expect lots of excitement, sparks, and destruction!



Match times are preliminary and might change during the competition

Robobrawl uses a double elimination bracket. All teams start in the Winners bracket and get demoted to the Losers bracket after their first defeat. The winners of the Winners and Losers brackets then compete for the trophy with the Winners bracket team having to lose twice before they are out. This ensures all teams need to be eliminated twice before they are out of the competition.