Current Season

If anyone would like to registered but is unsure about their building process, please email us and we will place you in a waitlist. The waitlist will be “first in/first out” and teams that are on the waitlist will not be required to pay the security deposit. Only teams that are officially in are required to pay the security deposit.

For those who have already registered through our official Google form, please submit your security deposit before January 30th, 2019 (specific details are included in the email).


Robobrawl 2019 Competitors


Matt Birkel Alex Cuti Ryan Shulski Daniel Tisza
Northwestern Team 1 Killer Unikorns Bison Robotics (Under Pressure) Space Jam
Robobrawlers MegaBixel (can I change this later?) Doot Doot Doot Team Flight Plan
MH Robotics UofT Robotics Association Fully Torqued (Botman 2) Fully Torqued (Double Stuffed)
Michael Rouse Lincoln’s Team Miles’ Team Nolan’s Team
Jaicie’s Team Northwestern Team 2 Northwestern Team 3 Northwestern Team 4
Engineering Design Team Accident Prone Bespoke Bots Bruin Bots