Robobrawl 2022 Registration

Robobrawl 2022 30 lb Registration

How to register:
  1. Registration for Robobrawl 2022 is closed.
  2. You will receive a follow-up email notifying you if your team is (I) approved to register during the first wave or (II) on the waitlist.
      • I) Approved first wave (12/1): school affiliated teams
        • The follow-up email will include specifics on how to complete registration payment 
      • II) Your team will be notified via email if you are on the waitlist. It may be due to: 
        • Current competition bracket size is full
        • (before December 15th) Your team is not an approved first wave competitors
  3. Complete the $50 registration payment through Paypal (account details will be specified in the follow-up email) and include your contact information in the note section (format is listed below)

You will receive a confirmation email, if your payment has been received and approved. If you do not receive this email, please contact us immediately.

Note: Your team is also required to provide us with a safety deposit of $75 at check-in. Please follow the format posted below. 

Safety Deposit Details
  • Your team will have to make a safety deposit of $75 at check-in. Please ensure that you have an envelope and check ready by the check-in date. 
  • Make the check payable to “Meeti Patel” (Robobrawl Treasurer)
    • Write 4/8/2022 on the date line 
    • Write $75.00 for the amount and Seventy-five for the written amount
    • Write the Bank holder’s name on the name line
  • Write your information in the envelope by following the Payment Format 

If nothing is damaged by the check-out time, your team will be presented with the check. Otherwise, we will keep the check and cash it in.

Payment Format

Include all of the following information in your Paypal payment and envelope that contains the safety deposit. 

  • Team Name
  • Primary Source of Contact
    • Name
    • Phone number 
  • School name (if affiliated)

If you have any questions or concern, message us on Discord or email us at