DPD – Registration

Robobrawl 2020 – DPD Registration

The rule set has been updated and clarified, please review our updated competition rules, which can be found here: DPD 2020 Competition Rule Set. Please note that our competition is unique from other one-pound competitions in that we only allow robots that have their frame and weapon 3D printed from approved materials (see the rule set for clarification).

Registration will take place in two waves
  • First wave of registration: open to all previous competitors and college affiliated teams
  • Second wave of registration (1/27): open to all competitors

Second Day Only” Option 

To accommodate for our competitors’ availability and travel restrictions, Robobrawl 2020 1lb Division will allow a limited number of teams to check-in and participate on the second day of the competition (Saturday, March 28 2020) instead of both Friday and Saturday.


  • We can only accommodate limited teams in this “Second Day Only” option. The availability will be on a “First Come, First Serve” basis on the registration order
  • This option is not available for teams who are currently affiliated with UIUC
  • If your team is interested and eligible for this option, we will notify you in the confirmation email

Please feel free to fill out the registration form as soon as possible, as we will put all non-first wave approved competitor on a temporary waitlist in order of registration.

How to register:

  1. Fill out the registration form here.
  2. You will receive a follow-up email notifying you if your team is (I) completed registration or (II) on the waitlist.
    1. Approved first wave (1/27): past competitors and school affiliated teams
    2. Your team will be notified via email if you are on the waitlist. It may be due to:
      • Current competition bracket size is full
      • (before second wave registration starts)Your team is not an approved first wave competitors
  3. You will receive a confirmation email of your registration status. If you do not receive this email the following day after filling out the registration form, please contact us immediately.

Feel free to email us at robobrawl.illinois@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.